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Your one-stop solution for quality education in Siliguri! At our coaching institute, we strive to provide comprehensive and personalized learning experiences to students from classes 5 to 12, across all streams - Science, Commerce, and Arts

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Our team of experienced and dedicated educators understand that every student is unique and has different learning needs. Hence, we provide customized study plans and individual attention to each student, ensuring they receive the best possible education and achieve their academic goals.

We believe in creating an environment that fosters creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking skills. Our state-of-the-art facilities and technology-enabled classrooms ensure a comfortable and conducive learning atmosphere. We also offer regular counselling sessions and performance assessments to help students stay on track and overcome any academic challenges they may face.



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Our team of experienced and dedicated educators understand that every student is unique and has different learning needs.

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Private Tution's

ScholarsHub is a platform that provides private tuition services to students in various subjects and academic levels. Our private tuition services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each student, and our experienced tutors work closely with students to help them achieve their academic goals. We offer both one-on-one and small group tuition, and our tutors are available to help with specific subjects or general academic support. Our goal is to provide students with the personalized attention they need to succeed academically, and we strive to make our tuition services accessible and affordable to all students. With ScholarsHub, students can get the extra help they need to excel in their studies and reach their full potential.


Coaching Classes

Scholarshub is a coaching institute that offers a range of courses and classes to help students achieve academic success. The classes are designed to supplement and enhance regular classroom teaching, with a focus on developing a deep understanding of the subjects and building strong problem-solving skills. The courses cover a range of subjects and levels, from primary school to high school and beyond. Scholarshub's experienced and qualified teachers use innovative teaching methods and technology to engage students and help them learn effectively. Additionally, Scholarshub offers various scholarship programs and financial aid options to help students who may not be able to afford the tuition fees. Overall, Scholarshub aims to provide a comprehensive and supportive learning environment for students to achieve their academic goals.


Mock Test

Scholarshub offers mock tests to students to help them prepare for exams. These tests simulate the actual exam environment and provide students with an opportunity to practice their skills and identify areas for improvement. Mock tests are available for a variety of exams, including entrance exams for universities and competitive exams for jobs. Scholarshub's mock tests are designed by experts in the relevant fields and are based on the latest exam patterns and syllabi. They are also accompanied by detailed analysis and feedback to help students understand their strengths and weaknesses. By taking mock tests, students can boost their confidence, reduce exam anxiety, and improve their chances of success.


Doubt Solving Classes

Doubt solving classes by ScholarsHub refer to extra academic assistance provided to students who need help in resolving their academic doubts. These classes are conducted by experienced teachers who provide personalized attention to each student and help them understand difficult concepts and topics. The classes can be conducted one-on-one or in small groups and are aimed at helping students improve their academic performance. ScholarsHub offers doubt solving classes in various subjects such as math, science, language, and social studies. The classes are conducted online, making them accessible to students from anywhere in the world. With ScholarsHub, students can get the help they need to overcome their academic challenges and achieve success in their studies.

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Importance of private tutions

Private tuitions offer personalized attention and extra academic assistance to students outside of regular classroom teaching. They can help students overcome academic difficulties, prepare for exams, and develop a love for learning. Learn more about the importance of private tuitions in our blog.


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